Swing for Winter Steelhead in Oregon

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For quite a while Salmon Junkies has been trying to find a steelhead program able to fill up the dreadful gab that probably most Salmon Junkies have in the calendar in February and March. Scotland has been the choice for many anglers, but we would like to bring a unique and refreshing programme for all the many European Salmon Junkies, who are suffering hard this time of year. After months of hardcore due diligence, we decided last winter to pack our bags and head for Oregon. And what a fabulous test trip we had “over there”.

We know that steelhead fishing is an entirely different gig with so much secrecy involved, among the special technique. The chance of catching these magnificent fish can be really difficult without a perfect match between place and fishing guides but here it is:

Follow Salmon Junkies to Oregon February and March 2013 for some of the best winter steelheads available on the market!

In 2013 we offer three prime weeks, where you will be able to fish 5 – 8 of Oregon’s best Steelheads Rivers during 7 days, in company with the best and most innovative steelhead guides in US: Marty Sheppard, Brian Silvery, Jeff Hickman and Jad Donaldson. These four steelheads warriors will share their well-kept secrets in the chase of Oregon’s strong winter steelheads. They will be showcasing some pretty special and unique places and share the most awesome modern Skagit technique. You will be jet boating or rafting some fantastic steelhead rivers searching for the mythical Steelhead.

Fishing dates:

23/2 – 3/3.
2/3 – 10/3
9/3 – 17/3

Price: 2900 Euro (Please notice only 6 rods per week)

What to expect: Fancy Donuts!!! A very charming company together with some of the most hardcore steelheads geeks in the world. One gorgeous steelhead river after another. Skagit casting and innovative new technique.

Please watch Columbus Leth’s new movies “Oregon Chrome 1+2” here and feel the Steelhead Karma and what our new program is all about – http://salmonjunkies.com/category/oregon-movies/

Big swinging flies and strong powerful steelheads take astonishing rapids and the sweetest runs. “Screaming reels” and super strong chrome steelheads.

Terrifying big and thirsty pickups trucks and the coolest jet boats you ever have seen. State of the art rafts and pontoon boats.

Maybe a visit to G. Loomis HQ in Washington, where you will witness the latest cutting edge spey rod technology. Maybe an exclusive visit to Joe Saracione’s impressive reel workshop at Sandy. Cool fly shops overloaded with the best and latest gear available on the market (Oregon are tax fee state)

Extreme weather conditions. One-day heavy horizontal rain. Next day sunny wonderful warm spring weather. Snowflakes as big as oysters’ shells. Freezing wet fingers.

Excellent wine and superior food downtown Portland. Outstanding local beer brewery. Oyster eating at the Pacific seaside. Morning view over the Pacific Ocean and Pacific North West rain forest.

Twin Peaks atmosphere without agent Cooper. American football on the television 24/7. and super friendly people everywhere.

This is what you will experience if you join us to the steelhead epic center in Pacific North West.
If you feel this might be something for you, please contact us for more detailed info and travel itinerary: Contact Steffen Juhl – sj@salmonjunkies.com

Best regards

Steffen & Kåre

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