Statement from Umba warrior Bernard Lunel

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Hi Steffen,

Thank you again for the fishing on the Umba. Your hard work for the protection of the river, is on the right way, and the results is spectacular, giving an outstanding quality of fish. Comparing with the same period of last years, the number of fish caught this year was a little bit more than the double, and considering the big fish….many, many more.

In spite of extreme weather this year, with heavy rain, strong wind, and raising river, the fishing was just fantastic. All salmon (except of 5 ) were super fresh covered with sea lice.

To be remembered: Many big fish this year with the biggest an amazing 31 lbs, caught in Krivetz.

A extreme day where, the party lost more than 50 salmon !…

Big crocodiles lost at the frame of the landingnet !…

Dave Parks became the first person with 4 X 20lbs club member in only one week.

Upstanding lodge, good food, warm atmosphere with a mix of Champagne, Vodka, Whisky, Wine, Italian cheese and mortadella….and of course a lot of Rom and “Coca Kola”.

Steffen, please secure the same weeks for me next year.

Life is good.

Bernard Lunel

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