Umba 6 – 13 October – Last week of the season

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Last year 2012 we had one of the driest season during the last twenty years – This season it has been the wettest season in many many years. Luckily Umba’s backcountry is wast and sucks up most of the rain water

After more than one month constant rain our last week of the season was a continuation of the previous Five weeks regarding weather – rain rain rain from morning to evening, and a river that ended up, running 3 – 4 feet higher than normal this time of the year

In spite of the difficult condition our party manage to land 60 salmon last week 6 – 13 October. Mrs. Tessa Houghton manage to land the biggest salmon during the week – A magnificent 21Lbs Whopper. Simultaneously with Tessa’s hook up, here husband Michael was releasing a beautiful 18Lbs. Tara Whitly lost a plus 25Lbs Chromer on the frame of the landing net, after more than 30 minutes fight. The same happend for Swedish Lennart Agö – God damn it we have lost so many huge salmon this season – But that is Salmon fishing in a nutshell

In spite of the extreme condition the group manage to land 60 salmon as mention earlier – Where else can you do that under these conditions?

Biggest salmon 6 – 13 October
21 Salmon between 10Lbs – 14Lbs

6 Salmon between 15Lbs – 19Lbs

3 Salmon between 20Lbs – 24Lbs

All salmon Long tailed sealiced

Yet another Salmon season has finished – And what a glorious season we where blessed with

The biggest salmon was in the period from middle of August until middle of October

Salmon between 10Lbs – 14Lbs = 169 Salmon
Salmon between 15Lbs – 19Lbs = 78 Salmon
Salmon between 20Lbs – 24Lbs = 34 Salmon
Salmon between 25Lbs – 29Lbs = 9 Salmon
Salmon Between 30Lbs – 34Lbs = 1 Salmon

A big thanks to all the many Umba wonderful supporters, who understand the value of this very unique Salmon river. Salmon Junkies will continue our protection plan for Umba.

“A river without friends isn’t protected”. Without the support from you guys, our plan wouldn’t work – Thanks for that, and I hope to see you “Out there” soon again

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