This is how you end up when you nail 4 x Twenty pounders in one week at Umba

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Last week D. 29/9 – 6/10 Dave Parkes was recorded in the logbook for 1 x 20Lbs. Salmon – 1 x 23Lbs. Salmon – 1 x 24Lbs. Salmon – 1 x 25 Lbs Salmon, plus another 12 x “smaller” Salmon. The 23Lbs. 24Lbs and 25Lbs salmon was caught during one afternoon session. All salmon was Chrome and sea-liced.

All Dave’s big salmon was caught on a 2 inches long tube, in conjunction with Guideline Tube size 6 hooks and a Triple Density Float/Int/2 shooting head. Although Dave tried other flies and lines, all his fish were caught on that combination.

A big congratulation Dave

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