Mid week report from Umba

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In spite of heavy rain and raising river for the third week in a row, the fishing in Umba is still really good. Every day this week, we have been able to turn a page or two in the logbook.

Each day super Chrome Fish are entering the river, which just perspective what a fantastic and unique Umba river is – Big fat Chrome Atlantic salmon in the middle of October – Umba is the only place you can find such kind of fishing in the world

Orla B. Nielsen manage to land in one session a 6Lbs – 11Lbs. 15Lbs and a super 22Lbs Chromer in Nick pool – All salmon with long tailed sea-lice – all on Floating line and sinking Poly leaders

As usual several really big salmon have been lost, mainly caused of the heavy current and difficult conditions in general

Mid week the group have landed 38 Fresh salmon

Salmon between 10Lbs – 14Lbs = 18 salmon

Salmon between 15Lbs – 19Lbs = 6 salmon

Salmon between 20Lbs – 24Lbs = 1 salmon

Best fly: The Cascade, Billy Butt, Red Butt, Orla’s Candy size 6 – 8

In Three days our season will finish at Umba – During my many years at Umba, this season placed itself between one of the best seasons ever during the last Twenty years. Season 2012 will be remembered by the quality fishing, and Umba is indeed a magical salmon river that will enchant your soul and forever remain in your heart.

Please stay tuned for more, as we have 3 women fishing Umba this week – Women and salmon fishing is a “dangerous” mixture, as women always get the big ones

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