Big Fish, heavy rain, second last week on Umba

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Our new and very last group this season on the Umba have arrived. In spite of the long journey and only with some few hours rest, all 10 rods are, as these lines are written, chasing the big legendary Umba Salmon (More to come)

Week 40
The final result for last week turned out to be fantastic! Despite the river have continued to rise caused be heavy rain during the last weeks. Reports tell that rivers like Ponoi and Varzuga are 1 – 2 meters up and that the fishing is impossible out there.
Happily for us at the wonderful Umba, we have the big lakes in the backcountry that works like a buffer and filter, so our fishing are never effected hard by rain and early dirty spring water.
Date 29/9 – 6/10
Total numbers: 74 Salmon
29 Salmon between 10Lbs. – 14Lbs.
7 Salmon between 15Lbs. – 19Lbs.
6 Salmon between 20Lbs. – 24Lbs.
1 Salmon 25Lbs. David Parkers
1 Salmon 31Lbs. Peder Langkjær
Best fly The Cascade and Willie Gunn fished on Floating line or Intermediate line, combined with sinking Poly leader.
Water Temperature 5- 7C.
As always we will keep you updated with the latest news from Umba during the next days, from what is to be our final week this season on the Umba river – Stay tuned for more Whoppers!
Tight lines
Sune Mathias Bach

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