31 Lbs Chromer caught by Peder Langkjær – Mid Week report from Umba

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Week 40
Latest news from Umba – Yesterday a 31 Lbs Chromer was landed in Umba by Peder Langkjær. The fish was caught in one of the smaller pools just below Golden Run in Krivetz by Danish Peder Langkjær. The fish took 45 Minutes to land, and fish was caught on a big Phatakorva Tube fly – Peder’s big salmon was celebrated in Champagne the during whole night. A big congratulation to Peder Langkjær from Salmon Junkies!

Once again this week it seems that a pretty big number of big salmon at a daily basis. Kai Welle lost a big Whopper because his Kevlar backing line broke in a long run. Also Peter Kremsner  lost a big Salmon because his reel jammed – Sorry to hear guys.
While our guide Igor was serving coffee for his guests Peter Kremsner and Heinz Pape,  both hooked a pair of 12 Lbs. Chromers – Heinz’s fish was a male and Peter’s a female.
Halfway through the week the 10 rods have caught 48 salmon:
21 Salmon has been between 10 Lbs – 14 Lbs
3 Salmon between 15 Lbs – 19 Lbs
4 Salmon between 20 Lbs – 24 Lbs
1 Salmon 31 Lbs
Best fly The Cascade in size 6 – 8
Water Temprature 7 CTight Lines
Sune Mathias Bach

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