Umba Full Week report

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Week 39

Looking back, what have characterized this week was the extreme weather conditions and a amazing amount of salmon in the river!

The last couple of weeks on the Kola Peninsula has been very rainy and made the water level on several rivers raise more than a meter. Luckily huge amounts of water does NOT influence the water level on Umba in the same way as on many other rivers on Kola.

Even tough, the river did rise more than 1,5ft last week and combined with the hard wind that blew the last leaves in the water, made fishing during the first part of the week a challenging task.

This relative massive water increase had a positive effect on the fish, which our group could benefit from, the last part of the week.
As mentioned in the start more that 50 salmon where lost – this could have resulted in being the most productive week on the Umba this season with an estimated amount of 100 – 130 salmon.

In total 70 salmon landed:
10 salmon between 10-14lbs.
6 salmon between 15-19lbs.
And a 21Lbs. whopper landed by Heinz Pape – this was his fourth +20lbs. Umba salmon in just 2 weeks of fishing!

Largest hook-up was in Upper Rat-Pool, a monster salmon behind the rod was Bernard Lunel – unfortunately it was lost almost at the edge of the net.
Top Rod was Andrea Borziani with 15 salmon landed!

Top flies Cascade and billy butt. Water temperatures 7-8 C.

More to Come
Sune Mathias Bach

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