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Week 36
The Beginning of september has provided our team with some beautiful fish for the 9 rod strong team.
The score of Salmon has been like following:
14x 10 – 14lbs.
6x 15 – 19lbs.
2x 20 – 24lbs.
1x between 25 – 29lbs.

Durning the last week there have been 2 slow days ,but luckily the last couple of days have been superb with fine salmon to all of our rods and several big fish!

The new group is already out and swinging flies on the Umba River
Saturday, the first day of fishing a couple of big whoppers were landed. Biggest one was a 21lbs. whopper for Andrew Tabor!
Benjamin Domange followed with 2 super Chromers on 19,5 and 16,5lbs!

Sundays top-story had to be Umba Veteran Illtyd Griffith, who hooked up a monster salmon which in 30 seconds stripped him for 300 meters of backing and afterwards stranded itself on very low water in Rat Pool!
The hook lost its grip only a few meters before Illtyd could reach the fish!
Estimated weight about 25 – 28Lbs!

Despite conditions with warm and sunny weather the last two days, the Autumn Run is right now entering the river. The water temperature is about 11 – 30C. So fishing is being carried our with floating lines and flies size 6 – 8. This will hopefully provide a great scenes for the recordings of our upcoming “epic” movie with Columbus Leth behind the camera!

This morning our team landed a super HOT 19,5lbs Chromer in Home Channel!
Ofcourse we got the entire battle recorded – Awsome start!

I expect that more good news will tick in from Steffen during the next couple of days – So stay tuned

Tight Lines!

Sune Mathias Bach

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