Umba report -midweek 36

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On our bonus Saturdays – the extra day our guest get as an extra bonus on Umba – everything can happen in Umba; Ragnhild Samuelsson caught a super chromer of 22  Lbs in Brads Pool – there is something fishy with women and Salmon fishing . The following day her son Erik Samuelsson lured her tricks and caught two super torpedoes in Home Pool – 18 Lbs and 18.5 Lbs. Well done, welcome to 20 Lbs Club and congrats to both mother and son. Last couple of days there have been landed some really nice fish between 12 and 19 Lbs, a new run has entered the system – lovely!

Franco Sirtori caught a BIG colored male in Boat Pool – Krivetz – it dragged him 300 m downstream in a very intense fight and after the battle, Franco had caught a 26 Lbs Salmon, must have been a 30+ when it entered the system last Autumn uhhhh…Welcome to 20 Lbs Club…again Franco:) Franco caught the angry male with a cascade seize 8 with a small 11.9 switch rod.

Water temperature is now 12c and Autumn is here as we all know it. Been raining a bit – off and on –  and wind coming from South. Looks good the next days:)

More to come:)

All the best

Kåre Lundquist



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