Umba week report – Week 34

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Another great week in Umba, 14 fresh Autumn Salmon per rod.  Rolf Berliat had a bonanza the other day with 3 chromers within 20 minutes in Little Red Pool, however lost the biggest of them. Not much that he could do besides watching the monster stripping his line completely and finally disappear in the foss below. Steffen had a field trip too while fishing the small pockets downstream Goldon Run. Hooked a monster that gave his Saracione max testing, first it went across the river to the other side after feeling hooked, the Salmon stayed on the other side for 10 minutes before Steffen could move it back to his side of the river. Here the battle continued for another 15 minutes before he could land a fresh autumn chromer of 20 Lbs. Later a 18 Lbs chromer in Stick Pool.

Great to see all the big fish coming in, lots in the 14-18 Lbs range. Perfect water conditions and no signs of falling yet, – very promising – 12 c water temp, perfect conditions. Weather last couple of days however very rainy and windy coming from North.

Still floating line sink tips, Billy/Red Butt and Cascade variants have been the catching flies. Biggest fish of the week 29 Lbs by Rolf Berliat, congratulations:)

More to come…

All the best

Kåre Lindquist


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