Umba report – A week for the records!

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What a wonderful week! Our first Autumn week in Umba has passed by and the guest are returning home with an unforgettable week. 14 Salmon per rod and Christopher Meyer became Top Rod with 21 salmon on land, uhhh:) Uwe Kopp landed yesterday 2 x +20 Lbs. Uwe Kopp got his gear and body tested to the max with a 300 meter breathtaking and stumbling pursuit down Long Pool before he could land – biggest of the week – his 26 Lbs monster chrome in Long Pool. Well done!

Perfect water level and a water temperature of 14c, just perfect! Especially the last 3 days have produced many super fresh Autumn fish. Golden Run and Long Pool in Krivetz has fished extremely well. Floating line with sink tip (10 foot) and Red Butt, Billy Butt, Cascade (seize 6-8) have been the right medicine for the week.

Weather, all from tropical heat to big showers of rain and the first signs of the classical Autumn colors have emerged on the trees clearly showing Autumn is in process. The coming weeks looks very promising!

Stay tuned for more chrome to come!

All the best

Kåre Lundquist

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