New Boats and Loomis Demo rods for Umba

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5 brand new US. Aluminium boats have eventually arrived to Umba. The new boats will replace our 15 – 20 years old Grumman and Roughneck boats.

New Loomis NRX and Versa Spey rod will also be available to test of those who are looking for some of the best US. Spey rods available on the market

The upcoming autumn salmon season in Umba is happily just a few short Spey casts away. I feel confident that we are ready for a long and wonderful autumn season in Umba. For all the many Salmon Junkies traveling with us to Umba this autumn, I want to say, that I really look forward to meeting all of you wonderful guys again – Good old friends as well as newcomers. I can assure you, that we at Salmon Junkies will do our best to provide you with an unforgettable and wonderful fishing trip.
Salmon Junkies will of course keep our web page updated with reports and news on the season in Umba, so please stay tuned during the entire autumn on  for news from Salmon Heaven

I will be available on my mobile phone, but if you have any questions, I kindly ask you to direct them to the office, where Anne Mette will help you if needed.

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