The Dude

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More than Fifteen years ago I started to fish rubber-legs flies with very good results from the beginning

By using rubber legs instead of normal hair materials like in the traditional tube flies, my Rubber legs tube flies turned out to be a much more durable fly. Beside rubber legs also don’t hold water like a heavy hair wing, so this fly is easier to cast. Rubber legs also have better rigidity than hair, so less material is needed to achieve the same large profile. Finally, since rubber legs are available in all kinds of cool factory color combinations, meaning you can really come up with some innovative stuff

For me this year “killer” in Grand Varzuga turned out to be an Orange Octopus tube fly I named THE DUDE

  • Tube: 6 – 10 mm US. Tube
  • 8 – 10 Centipede legs speckled hot Orange Rubber legs
  • 2 – 4 Centipede legs speckled Yellow Rubber legs
  • Hackle: Orange and Brown Schlappen Hackle or Marabou

THE DUDE fly represent a simple, yet a very avant-garde stylish variation on the standard Tube fly.

BOTTOM LINE: The Dude fly provide an awesome combination of tapered profile, movement, sink rate, extremely durability and which is neutrally does not absorb water – Finally – THE DUDE FLY is something the salmon never have seen before. Can’t wait to use THE DUDE in Umba this fall

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