June in Umba

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Our Three Summer weeks in Umba turned out good, in spite of some difficult conditions during the last two weeks

The first week in June our guests average +11 Salmon per rod, and in spite of high water it seamed that the fish was in the right mood, with several very nice Salmon around 15 – 18 Lbs in the log book . Top Rod David Wood manage to nail some really good fish during his stay in Umba, so combined with his week fishing in Grand Varzuga the week before, Davis total score was +50 Salmon during his two weeks of fishing (David’s first Atlantic salmon fishing trip ever)

Second week in June “The Danish Salmon Mafia club” plus some supporters from Italy invaded Umba Lodge. First part of the week mange to produce a couple of Twenty pounds fish to Morten Blichman and Giovanni Pratesis (Welcome to the Twenty club guys). Especially Morten’s twenty pounder gave him a lot of sweat, as it went around a big rock in Golden run. However the guide manages to get the line free from the rock and Morten could finally land his fish. Beside Morten’s trophy salmon, he lost several really big salmon during some epic fights in Krivetz. Especially one of Morten’s lost salmon gave him something for the “Book of memories”. In the Junction of Neisma river and Umba Morten lost a whopper he estimated to be on the right side of 25 Pounds. Last part of the week the Sun came out combined with tropical heat, which gave the log book “some peace”

Last week in Umba started good. Paul Walter landed second day a couple of super fresh whoppers in The Home Channel. One fish was 19 Lbs and the other one 16 Lbs. Bo Bengtsson, Ingrid Köhler, Peter Kremsner and Jürgen Einschwanger manage all to get some nice fish with some nice 13 – 15 pounds fish between them, before the river went up, caused by heavy rain in the back country. In total a good week in a fantastic company. Great fun

In total Umba produced a normal average for the three summer weeks, and we can now look forward to the up coming autumn season, that starts in August and continue until middle of October. Nothing beats a crispy day in Krivetz, where the autumn wind rattle the colorful leaves of birches and aspen – Thant’s the time for the big ones

Some photos from our June weeks this season in Umba

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