Two Ponoi reports from Kola veteran Bernard Lunel

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June 9-15

5 rods (2 from  Sweeden,3 from France) were fishing this week. It was a strange week, hot sunny days, combined with cold and strong winds, and some heavy rain. River came up around 1 meter, and after, up and down every days, colored water with temperature from 12° to 16° . So tough conditions for fishing. Hard work ,but good result. Total of the week 265 Salmon, with an average of 53 Salmon per rod.

Top rod: Lennart with 71 fish, closely followed by Gerard 69 fish. Alain got 53 salmon breaking his personal record.

Biggest fish, myself with a nice 18 pounder fresh.

A lot of fish this year (38) between 12 and 18 pound, and a good run of fresh grilse for fun.

Our team was completed with some Russian anglers, one of them  a General got a fantastic 25 pound. A lot of Vodka this evening :Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!…

June 16-22

6 rods (4 from France,1 from Belgium,1 from Germany) this week in action. River in the same condition, but the water temperature change from 14° to 18°,except the last 2 days ,very cold the evening. Was time, for riffle hitch !….(I got 3 nice fish, and 1 sea trout !.. So funny to see fish jumping out of the water to take the fly.).

Total of the week: 131 Salmon, making an average of 22 fish per rod.

Top rod: Kai with 26 Salmon, and so many emotion. He lost the same day: 2 shooting lines, on two big fish, and broke the tip of his rod with an furious and crazy fish, sure Kai will keep in his memory for ever this day. Gerard, and Gilbert were doing well with 24 and 23 fish.

Biggest fish myself,(again lucky !..) with a fish scaled at 19 pound, and ….an amazing sea trout of  7 pound (very unusual for Ponoi).

The 2 Frenchmen, father and son (for the son was his first time fishing salmon) had the pleasure to play an salmon together, in the same time in the same pool. Good satisfaction, and very nice souvenir…Congratulation.

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