Ponoi – week 25 report (full)

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Just got back after 2 weeks in Ponoi, first week was really great with 264 salmon in the books and an average on 53 salmon per rod ( 5 rods). Second week was however still affected by the heavy rains we had in the first week where the river came up more than a meter. We were naturally all hoping for fishing on falling river which normally is perfect condition. The river came up and down all week, cold and strong winds combined with hot sunny days. Water temperature came up and down from 12c to 16c and back again, colored water and this whole yo yo effect made it really hard for all of us including our friends fishing Ryabaga and Brevyeni down below our camp.  One extreme to another and made even homepool (camp and beat 3) hard to fish and we saw hardly any fish there. Despite the really tough conditions, hard work paid off by our hardcore guests. Instead of giving up they gave all they had and then some and this produced 131 Salmon (6 rods) with an average on 22 salmon per rod. True Salmon Junkies.

Top Rod of the week was Kai Welle with his 28 salmons and 3 monsters lost where 2 of them took his whole shooting line uhhh true adventure and one to remember:) As the previous week we met some real big fish and Bernard Lunel hooked 2 x 18 Lbs and Kai got some real beauties in form of 13 and 2 x 14 Lbs. We fished mainly with floating and intermediate lines with either sinking and int mediate poly. Best flies of the week: Cascade and Yellow/Orange and Red Butt.

Our friends on the Acha Explore faced tough conditions too and they did not give up either and fished really hard which produced 43 salmon with an average on 11 salmon per angler. The 2 Frenchmen ( Alain Parentelli and Denis Poch) on the Acha Explore got 18 salmon each.

This year will be remembered for its many BIG fish we caught in Ponoi and even in tough conditions its possible to catch a good number of fish if you work for it.

I want to thank you all who visited Ponoi this year, it was a great pleasure to make new friends and to meet old friends many of you I will see again in Umba this year, cant wait to come back and meet you all again:)

All the best

Kåre Lundquist

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