The end of a fabulous season

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Grand Varzuga 10 – 17

The last week on the Grand Varzuga has ended – Steffen Juhl reports:
Lots of rain in the back country has kept the river high. This week a decent amount of salmon was caught even though there were two days with hard rain which made the water level rise with 1 meter and provided our group with very hard fishing conditions.
Despite the adversity the group landed 190 salmon with a decent amount of big fish! 33 of them were between 10 – 15lbs. and one salmon between 16 – 20lbs. the Top Rod of the week was Stephane Variner with 64 salmon landed!

Our three weeks on the Grand Varzuga has now ended. Looking back this has been a fantastic season – the Grand Varzuga really lived up to its name – This is where the big fish stop to rest!
Durning these three weeks 731 salmon has been caught a lot of big ones in between.
131 fish from 10 – 15lbs. and 6 salmon between 16 – 20lbs.

Salmon Junkies would like to thank our russian partners – we will definitely be returning next year, upgrading the camp and enjoy this pearl of a Salmon River.
A big thank you to all of our geusts who joined us on this addictive adventure.

Tight Lines!
Salmon Junkies

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