Ponoi – week 24 report (full)

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This last week on the Ponoi River our group of five rods have been busy!
Despite the hard conditions (During the last week the river went up with 1 meter) a total of 263 salmon have been caught – good job Junkies!

85 salmon between 4 – 6 lbs.
40 salmon between 7 – 9 lbs.
19 salmon between 10 – 12 lbs.
Also several big fish have been landed.

Alain Rene had four beautiful fish on +13lbs. +14lbs. +15lbs. and +16lbs.
Also Bernard Lunel got a “fist full of fish” with the biggest – a nice salmon on +18lbs. also fish on 14lbs. 15lbs. and 2x16lbs.
Nils Lennart had 2x15lbs. and a +13lbs.
Gérard caught two +15lbs.
Håkon also caught some good ones: +13lbs. and a +14lbs. and 2x17lbs!
So it sounds like some really nice fishing!

Kåre Lundquist also reports that experimenting with dryflies have been done with success!
– Our team also met a Russian general on the river who landed a nice big salmon on 25lbs!
Now the sun is shining and a new team has arrived – Stay tuned for more reports!

Tight Lines!
Sune Mathias Bach

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