Cheking out after a week on the Umba River

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Umba 09/6 – 16/6

This was the week when spring turned into summer on the UmbaRiver. Most of the days there has been 20 hours of sun and a tough wind. But our Group defied the harsh conditions and managed a total catch record of 64 Salmon with the biggest Salmon for Morten Blichman from Denmarka nice Umba Whopper on 22 lbs.
Air temperatures about22C and water temperature14C . The water is falling and so the fishing tactics is still floating/intermediate lines, sing tips and smaller flies.
OurCampManager from Umba Oral Bertam Nielsen is now leaving forDenmark –When he arrives I hope he has a good story to tell and hopefully be supplying me with some great photos of Salmon Junkies on theUmbaRiver and some beautiful fish.

Steffen will now take control of The Umba camp after a blasting week on the Grand Varzuga!
We are looking forward to hear from him and how the fishing evolves!
The forthcoming days looks promising if you would like to enjoy some fantastic summer fishing for the mighty Atlantic salmon wich are entering our pools as I write!

 Tight Lines!
Sune Mathias Bach

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