quick Umba Report from Orla

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They third report from Orla Bertram Nielsen, Camp Manager at Umba River week 24
Water level at Umba is still falling theres is a light rain and all our guests are still happy and fishing for the addictive Umba Salmon!
Lately Morten Blichman have experienced a dramatic fight as he hooked a good fish at the lower part of ”Golden Run” the fish threw off with about 75meter of line and got stuck at the big ”pyramid ” shaped stone in the middle of the river!
Quickly Sasha, our guide fixed at boat for Morten and they could reach the stone – luckily they managed to free the line and Morten could land a beautiful 22lbs. male Umba Whopper!
A few cast later he had a 17lbs. Female. Both fish was caught on a Beiss Fly and returned to the river to continue their love affair.
Of course Morten was rewarded with the attractive Salmon Junkie 20lbs Cap!

Durning the evening af shoal of fish entered Home Pool within 30 minutes three rods had landed five fish, the biggest one was a beautiful 10lbs. Salmon caught by Jes Olsen. Another three Salmon was caught by Kenneth Jensen Both guys from denmark.Also A.Pratesi from Italy could enjoy this wonderful evening on the river and celebrated his first Umba Salmon ever! – Congratulations!

Yesterday Massimiliano Ducceschi caught his first 2 Umba fish in Homepool on a Willie Gunn – another big surprise was that Luca Maiocchi, Stefano F. Farina and Ugo Maggiaoli also caught several Seatrouts between 3-4 lbs which is unusual big for Umba.
Once again the italians was doing magic in the kitchen and served “Pasta al Salmone” for dinner!

Tight Lines!
Sune Mathias Bach

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