Report from Steffen at Grand Varzuga

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Grand Varzuga June 3th. – 10th.

Our group are now leaving from the camp at Grand Varzuga and it sounds like they had some awesome fishing this last week with screaming fly reels and smiling faces.
The river kept falling since they arrived which was the perfect opportunity for fishing with floating lines and sink tip. Incredible amount of 352 Salmon was caught! 74 of these beauties between 10 and 14 lbs. there where 2 x top rods with 44 fish each!
The two biggest fish caught was 15 and 19lbs. – Some monsters have been lost several of our guests was stripped for hundreds meters of backing!
Since the river is low most of the fishing in focused on the upper parts of Grand Varzuga.

The weather is dry and sunny and the first mosquitoes are coming so remember to bring mosquito repellants!
The no.1 varzuga fly the Cascade is still the one catching the most fish.

Tight Lines.
Sune Mathias Bach

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