Ponoi – Pre Season Report

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While we are waiting to kick off the Ponoi season starting Saturday in Acha Camp (main) and Acha Explore already in full action however with no reports, – no satellite phone – I expect they having a great week with the higher water levels as a starting point and now dropping. I cant wait to hear what they have to report to me in camp when I meet them, Saturday.

I hear that Ryabaga has been fishing very good with 876 salmon caught on 13 rods which looks really promissing for the season. The river level is high and dropping, did rise some days ago due to heavy rains, but dropping again. Water temp actually declined to 7C but up again in double digits, great!

So plenty of water and dropping, rising temperatures, perfect and definetely not like last year with extremely low water conditions. This should be a great season waiting for us all going to Ponoi this year and looking into the record numbers – so far – from Varzuga, we might have an extraordinary season ahead of us this year all together, but please remember, this is Salmon fishing:)

Now just a few days left and counting:)

Dont forget; poly leaders (sinking), flies, mosquito repellants, warm clothing for windy days, pack in good time…Sushi lovers bring wasabi etc…French, Italian, Spanish cheese and sausages will be much appreciated:)

Dont forget; to secure your luggage and rod cases with locks  and/or wrapping, we just had an incident in Murmansk airport where one of our guests had his reel and flies stolen!

Stay tuned for more reports:)

Kåre Lundquist

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