Umba – First Report

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A new Umba season has just started (Jubiii) and first day produced 3 salmon on 2 rods in the 13 Lbs range. David Wood arrived Monday and we have now 3 rods fishing first week. So far 12 Salmon has been landed and Egon from Denmark got his first Russian Salmon and additional 2 yesterday. David Wood (US) got the biggest so far, 15 Lbs with several 100 meters explosions. Waterlevel is high – 10C – and dropping and the coming weeks looks really good. Sinking lines and bigger flies seems to be the trick so far.

New SMS ticked in from Orla;: now 14 Salmons and biggest 18 Lbs:)

Stay tuned for more reports:)

Kåre Lundquist

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