Grand Bonanza fish report – Thursday 31 of May 2012

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Steffen just called me from “Grand Bonanza”, 100+ fish so far on 7 rods only and many big ones in the 12 Lbs range and 5+ 14/15 Lbs. The fish are unbelievable strong and Steffen told me that he has never had such strong pulls in his life. Thorsten Strüben had a fish on today and it took 100 meter in one big long run and vanished. Lots of fresh fish and sea liced and they just keep coming in.

Water still dropping and water temperature 12C. Most of the action is still taken place downstream of the camp and we will remain our focus there for a while. Floating line with sink tip fished fast is still the right medicine;  flies in yellow/orange color range (Cascade etc) most productive.

The group is very happy and the next 2 weeks looks really promising:)

Stay tuned for more reports…

Kåre Lundquist