The first fresh salmons have already been caught – Christopher Robinson report from Varzuga

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There is quite a lot of snow in Varzuga, however it is melting fast and last night the temperature did not drop below 4⁰C, the river continues to rise and although we still have some ice coming down we should be pretty clear of the worst of it by the end of today. Weather forecast promise warm weather during the next weeks

For this coming week at the Lower and Middle section of Varzuga Christopher are expecting quite a high river with low water temperatures, which suits really well for spring fishing. It will be sinking lines or tips of various types and large bright flies. It looks like we are secured by good water conditions far into June.

Now only 4 days before Kåre and I will be heading salmon heaven in the far North. In 3 weeks time we will start our first big filming this season – A film that will be shot in Grand Varzuga with Columbus Leth behind the camera. Together with all the usual gear we normally carry to Russia every season, “tons” of camera equipment has also been squeezed down into the heavy bags, which have occupied the entire office for the last week. Our plan is to spend some days in Umba before we head Grand Varzuga. We will of course try on daily base, to keep you updated with news and reports from the rivers.

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