Thorsten Strüben – The best Salmon flies available on the market

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In order to be a good Salmon flytyer it means that you have to know one or two things about Salmon. You also have to know what specific flies the salmon likes, depending of the season, and in that context you have to know how to dress the fly so it looks and behave good in the water.

Thorsten Strüben is one of those few guys out there, who really know some of the essential secrets in Salmon fly tying

Thorsten have been Salmon fishing for more than 20 years

Besides Thorsten makes tying Demos in Shows around Europe

  • Thorsten is a Certified Casting Instructor FFF an EFFA
  • Thorsten has been writing several articles in national and international fly-fishing Magazines
  • Thorsten have won more then15 Silver And Gold medal in national and international fly-tying competition
  • Many of his flies have been published in different Books:
  • Flytyers of the World, 100 best Salomon flies from Topher Brown
  • Winner of the Ken Sawada Fly-tying Grand prix 2009


If you need some of his Voodoo flies you can contact Thorsten on


Double Hooks: 6€

Small Tube flies (Us tubes) 8€

Big Tube flies:  10€

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