Danish River Skjern – 3 days Salmon Bonanza

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A sunny story from Denmark – The fishing in Danish Skjern Å (Å = River) have been fantastic  so far. Only after a couple of days after the opening day 16th  May, have several huge salmon have been landed. Biggest salmon was landed today by Olaf Solberg from Norway on a Green Highlander. A magnific 45Lbs /121cm fresh salmon straight from the sea (see photo). Beside this whopper, several salmon around 20 – 35 Lbs has been landed. Average weight 18,2 Lbs. So far roughly 100 landed salmon have been registrated online. The Quota on 180 salmon +75  Cm fish will soon be reached if the fishing continue like this. However there is a 180 Salmon Quota on smaller landed Salmon.
In the last years several Danish rivers have showed fantastic results, with many huge salmon landed every year. This shows clearly that if we have a strong political will and support, we can find light at the end of the tunnel.

Ps. interesting to notice the Norwegian’s interest to travelling to Denmark, caused by as a lack of National / Local political will to manage there own salmon rivers

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