Saracione Fly Fishing Reels

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If you are looking for an absolutely gorgeous, exquisitely crafted, highly dependable fly reel, Saracione is where the engineering hits the river. Seriously. Saracione fly reels are fished, preform like champions, and are collected by discriminating fly anglers across the world.

Most of us purchase a fly reel with exclusive purpose of going fishing. We may choose a so-called “entry level” or “price point” fly reel or we may choose a “high end” fly reel. The entire range of fly reel prices, these days, presents good choices of high quality products that will be highly serviceable and meet a wide variety of our fly fishing needs. So be it.

The entire family of Saracione fly reels is in an entirely different category, however; here’s why. A Saracione fly reel represents the perfect intersection between engineering precision, fishing performance, and longevity, and yes – collectability.

Note please, you will not find rivets plastic, even space age plastic, in these fly reels. Each Saracione fly reel is individually stamped with a serial number and carries the Saracione lifetime original purchaser Warranty. Joe makes the very best fly reels and he backs each and every one of them.

One may purchase an extremely fine fly reel for half the cost of a Saracione, or even less. There is a whole universe of most excellent fly reels available, but not one of these reels, even reels priced at or above a Saracione, will retail its value and collectability after 5, 10, or more years. A Saracione fly reel, at about a grand a pop, is built to fish, built to last, built to admire, and built to retain its full value, and we think that Saracione fly reels will simply become more and more collectible over time.

Here is more to make these fly reels to fish and love. Joe Saracione has crafted a fly reel that retains a traditional quality – heft and sturdiness – and in so doing, has combined pure esthetics and functional balance on a fly rod that is unachievable with the vast majority of fly reels that have had their weight and mass downsized to the point that they no longer provide proper balance on a fly rod. This balance is especially critical on longer Spey rods: a Saracione fly reel will balance any Spey rod from the shorties to the big-guns

No kidding. Fish a 13’ Spey rod with an 8-ounce fly reel – then fish the same rod with a 3.75” Saracione. The Saracione will balance perfectly, the Spey rod will feel like it belongs in your hand, and a day on the water will become even more pleasurable than before, if such a thing is possible.

Let’s talk drag mechanisms on these Saracione fly reels. They have a great click on the inbound and outbound cycles, but these are not merely click-pawl reels; Saracione reels are crafted with a genuine, adjustable disc drag so you have the reel-song the overrun protection, and a dependable and finely adjustable disc drag – a perfect esthetic and functional marriage.

Mark IV Salmon reels are convertible from left to right hand retrieve. Mark IV Trout reels are not convertible, so it is important to specify the desired reel retrieve direction at the time of placing your order.

Enough said. Saracione fly reels are perhaps the finest fly reels manufactured in the USA, in Portland Oregon, by Joe Saracione. They are works of art. The spools are interchangeable, as is the retrieve direction. These are not saltwater, big game reels. Saracione reels are designed for steelhead, and salmon, so if you are planning on fishing tuna, Barracuda, Bonefish, Permit, Billfish, or the like, kindly allow us to assist your selection of a different fly reel.

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