The famous Jock Scott Salmon fly

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John (Jock) Scott, born Branxfolmes, Rocburgshire in 1817, created this enduring pattern in 1850. The Jock Scott is one of the butterfly patterns of the Victorian era and it is considered a masterpiece in harmony and proportion.

Hereby our “House fly tier” Thorsten Strüeben’s interpretation of this classic fly. A super fly always worth a try from May until October

The Jock Scott
Tag: Holographic golden and orange Flatbraid
Tail: Fluo fiber in gold
Body: first half/ Future Fly Signature Dubbing in fluo Yellow
        Second half/ Peacock Ice Dubbing
Ribbing: golden Holographic Tinsel
Throat: black Soft Hackle followed by a Common Guineafowl
Wing: Future Fly Marble Fox in followed colors: yellow / red / blue and fire brown
Sides: Jungle Cock
Head: Future Fly Ufo Disc  8 mm black

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