Voodoo flies from Thorsten Strüben

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We are very happy to announce, that we are going to have Thorsten Strüben’s tube flies for sale in Russia. Beside that, we are also very glad to be able to bring some Thorsten’s latest designed flies, with a description on how to tie them – Now its just up to you to Copy Paste

The first of Thorsten’s flies we want to bring, is the classic Durham Ranger. The Durham Ranger is another classic that has seen more that one recipe in its lifetime. Mr. William Henderson, from the town of Durham in the Northern part of England, most likely invented the Durham Ranger in the mid nineteenth century. Mr. Henderson probably had the Parson in mind when he tied the first Durham Ranger. The Durham Ranger and the Parson were most likely designed to imitate butterflies and both do a pretty good job at it. There are even differences in who tied the first Durham Ranger. George M. Kelson believed it was James Wright who designed the Durham ranger but is was more likely Mr. Henderson who deserves the credit for the Durham Ranger.
The most popular version of the Durham ranger comes from Francis Francis in his classic book, A book on Angling (1867). Other authors of that era wrote of the Durham Ranger. George M. Kelson wrote of it in his book, The Salmon Fly (1895) as did Sir Herbert Maxwell in his book, Salmon and Seatrout (1898).

Durham Ranger by Thorsten Strüben

Body: Black Future Fly Soft Tube 1,8 mm and US Classic Tube Orange in 6 mm ( 0,20 gramm) as a weight

Wing: Future Fly American Opossum dyed Hot Orange

Throat: Under the Wing a sunburst and in front of the Wing a Orange Ostrich Feather and followed blue Soft Hackle

Sides: Jungle Cock

Head: Future Fly Ufo Disc  8 mm Gold

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