Salmon Heaven – Countdown for a new season!

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Dear Salmon Junkies

We just got back from Oregon. Our trip was a glimpse into the most awesome Skagit fishing community. During our week we fished together with some of the most hardcore Steelheads geeks in the world -All together it was a very inspiring week in a very charming company.

We also visited G. Loomis HQ.,where we witnessed the latest cutting edge Spey rod technology. You can read much more about the trip on our webpage.

Spring is just around the corner and thereby a new season.  All our guests booked for summer rods will receive our invitation letter together with a comprehensive traveling and Visa information within the next month.

To all of you going to Varzuga, please read the description of our new Grand Varzuga stretch by Varzuga veteran Philip Bowden Smith from UK. Its very an interesting and unique pool description which should come in handy, when fishing the many unnamed pools. We are very excited about our Helicopter / Floating program of which you will float the river from Yzia river down to the Pana River and name your own Pools. True adventure and never done before!

Please note we have only 4 rods left in our prime time weeks. (We only do prime time!)

We also have a few rods left for Umba and Ponoi, please contact Steffen for more information and availability:

1. The camp down.

The camp sits above a small lagoon. Before the camp was sited there (originally a tented camp on the N. bank) the run 50 yds above and 50 yds or so below used to be a good holding area, but with the advent of boats it ceased to be productive.

About 150 yds below the camp the river divides around an attractive island ( a paradise for Trollius – yellow globe flowers). In the days of a tented camp with no boats one of the most desirable areas was the left side of the island (Hot Rock / Face Pool). One morning before breakfast I raised over 20 fish but only landed 3 ! Generally, the height of the water allowed wading across to the island at its upper point and  the r.h. side of the island is wonderful to fish from the island. On the way down to the fantastic corner pool (Upper Layby) there used to be a single submerged rock (as I recall the only one)  which invariably had a fish lying close to it. The river passes a lagoon on the far bank and turns left.

There is a rock bluff on the far bank with a lot of quartz in it. The 10ms above it at lower flows was mustard where the water builds before spilling into the pool below (Lower Layby). This lower pool was also productive, particularly around a single rock near the left bank before it spills into the run below. This also produced fish but the best bit was where a small stream of water enters from the left branch of the river above Little Island; from there to the end of the islet was always good. Read more here…

Watch our short Varzuga movie here:

Believe us, when we say that you will learn more about Atlantic salmon fishing in a single week on the Varzuga, than you will in a lifetime of fishing on any other rivers

All the best

Steffen & Kåre

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