Chrome Winter Steelheads in Oregon

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We just got back from Oregon – Long story short. Our trip was a look into the most awesome Skagit community. However, it was also fancy Donuts. A very charming company together with some of the most hardcore Steelheads geeks in the world. A cool Visit to G. Loomis HQ where we witness the latest cutting edge Spey rod technology. Excellent wine and superior food. Terrifying big and thirsty Pickups trucks. Super strong Chrome Steelheads. Twin Peaks Karma without agent Cooper. Extreme weather conditions. Big juicy flies for steelies. Top-top notch fishing guides. Pacific rain forest. One day heavy horizontal rain. Next day sunny wonderful spring weather. The coolest Jet-boats we ever have seen. Snowflakes big as oyster’s shells. Swinging flies and strong powerful Steelheads takes. Visit at Joe Saracione impressive reel workshop. Astonishing rapids and the sweetest runs. Outstanding local beer brewery. Freezing wet fingers. Furious Steelie runs and “smoking reels”. American football on the television 24/7. Friendly people all over. State of the art Rafts and Pontoon boats. Morning view over the Pacific ocean. One gorgeous river after another. Skagit casting and innovative new technique. Cool Fly shops overloaded with the best gear available on the market. Who say tackle nerd? –  More Chrome fish. What a great trip we had. A special thanks to Mia, Brian, Jeff, Marty, Jad, Joe, Jerry, Marcy, Josh…..We will for sure be back for more:) – Check out our photo essay from Oregon

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