Ponoi / Acha river explore – Prime June weeks

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For the pioneering type – Hard core salmon fishing on the Acha River – a main tributary of the Ponoi River system. The explorative alternative for the guy who enjoys a challenge and likes a bit of hard graft with his salmon!

Our helicopter will drop off the team with our well trained guides and you will be able to fish the pools from about 30 km upstream of the camp and all the way downstream back to the Acha Camp.

You will daily discover premium fly-fishing water with numerous holding pools in the most stunning countryside with an abundance of wildlife ever present.

Our Acha River float program is the ultimate trip for a young and fit “Salmon Bum” who is looking for an inexpensive program with a lot of action and fun.

The anglers are transported by helicopter upstream to the upper part of the Acha river and start fishing their way down to the junction with the Ponoi River. The stretch is more than 25 km long and consists of the most beautiful and pristine classic fly-fishing water imaginable. One holding pool after another, with an incredible number of eager fresh salmon plus the beauty of unspoiled nature with abundant wildlife contributes to this unforgettable experience.

The average catch is between 16 and 35 salmon per rod. The average size of salmon is between 6 and 14 Lbs but every year 16 to +20Lbs are caught. The program starts in early June and runs to the end of June.

Ponoi / Acha Explore

2/6 – 9/6 – 3 open rods

9/6 – 16/6 – 2 open rods

16/6 – 24/6 – 3 open rods

For more info please contact sj@salmonjunkies.com

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