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Follow the Spey Warriors in Junky World 2011. In Umba there is always a chance of catching a salmon over 20lbs. every day – Every week – From May until October. In the six-week period from mid August until first of October 2011 we caught 71 Salmon between 15 Lbs. and 19 Lbs. and 45 Salmon between 20 Lbs. and 30 Lbs. – Every week during the entire season we were able to celebrate new members in our Twenty Pounds Club, and we even managed to recruit several “Double Members” and “Triple Members” to our exclusive club.

Check out our latest video “Spey Warriors in Umba” staring Alberto Fioretti and his first Atlantic Salmons ever – and what epic Salmon that was. In Office Pool 16-year-old Alberto hooked his first Atlantic Salmon on his own tied Billy Butt fly size 6. After a few and very hectic minutes of intense fight, the Salmon decided to leave Office Pool. According Steffen, the next half hour was one of the most dramatic fights he has ever seen. A nerve wrecking fight / wading through the hard running water of Krivetz, which gave Alberto and Steffen quite a lot of bruises. The salmon tried everything, but in the end,16 year old Alberto managed to land the fish 400 meters downstream Office Pool in a little pocket. A Umba Whopper of 20 lbs. + Sealiced and very Chrome.

About one hour later, Alberto´s father landed a identical chrome fish in Pine Pool. This is the first time we could welcome both father and son in The 20 Lbs. Club the same day. Forza Italia! In total Alberto Fioretti manage to land 2 x +20lbs. Salmon and 2 x 18Lbs salmon as the biggest – A new Salmon Junkies is born

Watch also Lawrie Hickman from Guideline UK entering his double membership of the 20 lbs. Club. First a giant fish 26 Lbs. from Lower Rat pool. Thereafter a Umba Whopper weighing 24 Lbs. from the same pool. Lawrie Hickman is an experienced angler and has spent many years running a Lodge on Yokanga river, and we really enjoyed his great company in Umba.

Lawrie introduced Guidelines “new” Triple-D Densities lines to us and this is a very interesting concept.  Guideline have combined 3 line densities, all in one line, very clever. Weight distribution has been moved backwards creating a smooth, controlled turnover and very easy to cast. Lawrie fished during the entire week with Float/Hover/Intermediate which positions the fly just below the surface fished with mono/fluorocarbon leader.

The floating back portion of the line will help controlling fly speed as well as making mending and lift-off a lot easier. A line/combination that certainly finds fish in Umba, especially the BIG ones!

Autumn season in Umba again almost fully booked but we still have a few openings due to last minute rescheduling.  Also pay attention to the June weeks here we a few more openings, some very attractive weeks – and not to forget very low priced.


2/6 – 9/6 –     5 open rods

16/6 – 23/6 – 5 open rods

11/8 – 18/8 – 3 open rods

18/8 – 25/8 – 2 open rods

1/9 – 8/9 –    1 open rods

22/9 – 29/9 – 1 open rod

29/9 – 6/10 – 1 open rods

6/10 – 13/10 – 2 open rods

Watch our new short movie here:

Our new destination “Grand Varzuga has been a big success. However we have a few openings and really worth considering for your summer fishing, we had awesome fishing there last year despite the river was really low. Ready for a lift to Grand Varzuga? Below you will find our availability.

Grand Varzuga:

27/5 – 3/6 – 3 open rods

Watch our short movie here:

Ponoi will never let you down as we always say and thats fact, if you want lots of fish with a bank guarantee Ponoi is the place to go. Fish the main camp (Acha) and probably the best homepool in the entire world or head out in the Tundra with a small team and have all of Acha River for yourself. True adventure and a must in a dedicated Salmon anglers CV. Below you will find our availability.

Ponoi Acha camp:

9/6 – 16/6 – 6 open rods

16/6 – 23/6 – 6 open rods

Ponoi Acha river Explore:

2/6 – 9/6 – 3 open rods

9/6 – 16/6 – 3 open rods

16/6 – 23/6 – 4 open rods

Watch our short movie here:

Salmonjunkies want to express our gratitude to the many Salmon Junkies worldwide who support our mission of inexpensive high quality fishing.

For more information please contact Steffen Juhl at

We hope to see you all again in 2012 “Out there”

Steffen & Kåre



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