New Video – Spey Warriors in Umba

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Follow the Spey Warriors in Junky World 2011, in Umba there is always a chance of catching a salmon over 20lbs. every day – Every week – From May until October.

In the six-week period from mid August until first of October 2011 we caught 71 Salmon between 15 Lbs and 19 Lbs and 45 Salmon between 20 Lbs and 30 Lbs – Every week during the entire season we were able to celebrate new members in our Twenty Pounds Club, and we even managed to recruit several “Double Members” and “Triple Members” to our exclusive club.

Watch Lawrie Hickman from Guideline UK entering his double membership of the 20 lbs. Club. First a giant fish from Lower Rat; 26 pounds. Thereafter a Umba Whopper weighing 24 pounds from the same pool. Lawrie Hickman is an experienced angler and has spent many years running lodges in Russia and we really enjoyed his company in Umba.

Lawrie introduced Guidelines “new” Triple-D Densities lines to us and this is a very interesting concept. Guideline have combined 3 line densities, all in one line, very clever. Weight distribution has been moved backwards creating a smooth, controlled turnover and very easy to cast. Lawrie fished with Float/Hover/Intermediate which positions the fly just below the surface fished with mono/fluorocarbon leader.

The floating back portion of the line will help controlling fly speed as well as making mending and lift-off a lot easier. A line/combination that certainly finds fish in Umba, especially the BIG ones!

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