“There are many Salmon lodges on Kola – Why should I go to Umba?” We’ll keep things simple and we will give you our top reasons.

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Umba has so many unique advantages, which in our opinion makes it the obvious choice for the dedicated salmon angler looking for high quality accommodation and fishing. And last but not least – at very fair prices.

Umba is for the guy who is seeking demanding superior quality fishing.  But remember – Umba is also tough wading and long (healthy) walks.

The Krivetz River (upper section of Umba) is a fast river with strong currents, big boulders and strenuous wading on slippery boulders, long casts and monster salmon. Umba is demanding chase for silver and well suited for the experienced and committed Salmon angler prepared battle for his salmon. Umba is everything you could ask for in the world of Hard core Atlantic Salmon fishing

The Umba season starts right after the ice melts in late May and continues into October. During this period there are five different runs of salmon creating a nearly continuous run of fish entering the river.•

Kilometers of home water.  For morning and evening fishing you have easy access to tons of awesome home water, that doesn’t require a guide

Our guides are a great bunch. Our guides grew up on the Umba river and know this incredibly complex fishery like the back of their hands.  They’re a great range of personalities. Three of the guides have returned to Umba after many years guiding on famous river like Kharlovka, Yokanga and Ponoi river

Our lodge staff greets you with plenty of good food each day, and keeps the lodge nice and tidy

No Helicopter and one day extra fishing. Our bus will leave Murmansk airport Saturday morning 01.00 AM. You will arrive at the Umba Lodge early Saturday morning. After some hours sleep you will start your fishing Saturday around noon.

The incomparable Umba timber lodge – for sure one of the most luxurious lodge on the entire Kola Peninsula. It is like a small palace in the wilderness – just the right place to discover the enchanting soul of the Umba River.

In Umba there is always a chance of catching a salmon over 20lbs. Every day – Every week – From May until October.

Are you looking for inexpensive summer fishing with catch guarantee – Umba is the place – Check out our Karma Video from the past season – http://salmonjunkies.com/movies/umba-summer-karma-2011/

We could, of course, given a dozen more ways that Umba is different.  But we’ll leave for now

If Umba sounds like your kind of lodge, you should mail sj@salmonjunkies.com


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