One of the most beautiful fly and functional high-end fly reels available on the market today, must be Joe Saracione’s outstanding reels.

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For over 20 years, SARACIONE has been recognized as the leader in high quality handmade salmon, trout and steelhead fly reels worldwide. Saracione fly reels are hand crafted in small quantities.

The Mark IV reel series is a classic design and style reel precision machined on high tech CNC machinery on a production basis. The Saracione Mark IV reels are available in 8 models ranging from our tiny 2 3/4” trout model to the enormous 4 3/4” ALTA model. The entire disc drag series of Mark IV models are designed for two handed rods. Saracione fly fishing reels are precision machined and assembled in the USA.

The salmon models feature a semi-sealed Rulon drag with a 10 setting drag knob on the back plate. Reversible needle roller clutch. Produced from precision machined 6061-T6 aluminum for frames, spools, side plates, and reel foot. Bushings and bearings are made from silicone-aluminum bronze. The salmon models can be easily converted from right to left hand retrieve. Spools can be quickly changed on all salmon models. Each reel is individually numbered and carries a lifetime warranty for the original purchaser.

Joe Saracione gained international fame for his meticulously crafted, classically styled fresh water reels. After more than 20 years of individually producing handmade reels, Saracione set out in 2007 to build the finest, most beautiful trout and salmon reels ever produced. The Mark IV models are the result. It is a heck of a good reel. Join the club if you are looking for a genuine handcrafted reel with a real soul – A joy to use and own.

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