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Dear Salmon Junkies – Yet another season is over and what a 2011 season we were blessed with, despite the fact that most of the rivers on Kola this year were down caused by the dry condition on Kola this season.

Looking back on Umba 2011, the weekly number of big salmon logged in the books was really high and clearly indicates that we are on the right track with our long termed conservation plans for Umba. Our June weeks turned out really good both in numbers and size, and many of our guests managed to land there magic Twenty pounder Salmon.

In the six-week period from mid August until first of October we caught 71 Salmon between 15 Lbs and 19 Lbs and 45 Salmon between 20 Lbs and 30 Lbs – Every week during the entire season we were able to celebrate new members in our Twenty Pounds Club, and we even managed to recruit several “Double Members” and “Triple Members” to our exclusive club. This required of course many celebrations in vodka and a few hangovers the following day.•

Ponoi – will never let you down!

“Ponoi will never let you down” we always say, and that continues to be the truth. In 2011 we saw a record low Ponoi, but despite the poor conditions, we manage to average 25 salmon per rod – Not bad taking the poor condition into consideration. Again this year it was our French “Yin and Yang” team – Bernard Lunel and Gerald Garnier that took the big score, with more than hundred salmon between them after two weeks. Salmon Junkies will of course continue our Program in Acha camp and Acha tributary in 2012. Our Acha camp represent one of the best settings on the entire Ponoi river, and your will daily have to chance in walking distance to fish not only Ponoi river but also the awesome Acha river that almost literally flows through the camp – We simply can’t wait to get back on the Ponoi river in 2012!

Grand Varzuga 2012

Salmon Junkies have managed to get full exclusivity on a long-term lease of more than 30 km of some of the most attractive and enjoyable salmon fishing on the Kola Peninsula from 2012 – the famous Varzuga River. We have tailored this new adventure into a heli float and explore program and on top with a base camp program. We call it Grand Varzuga, because the biggest salmon of Varzuga are ‘designed’ to reach this part of the river. Not all of the pools have been ‘discovered’ yet, so you could still manage to have a pool named after you! Like in Ponoi and Umba, our Grand Varzuga program is priced at nearly one third of the price of other programs in Varzuga and triple the experience.

Ready for a lift off to Grand Varzuga?………..Watch Menu: Movies/Varzuga Movies

Junky Karma!

We call our accommodations ‘comfortable but casual’. We pride ourselves on a high level of service and on delivering a great experience during your stay, but we are not trying to be a ‘luxury lodge’. The atmosphere is relaxing with the right “Salmon Junkies Karma”, and we’re not too worried about formalities. You’ll spend quality time with quality people like yourself. In our camps, no one will be offended by your cigar smoke or your drink spilled laughing around the fireplace.

We can assure you that we will do our very best to fulfill your wildest fishing dreams in the years to come. We are constantly trying to offer the best and less expensive High-class salmon fishing in the world today. A Billion thanks for your BIG support. Without YOU, there would be no Salmon Junkies – Just Junkies.

Merry Christmas to you all and your families and a Happy new year!

We hope to see you all again in 2012 “Out there”

Steffen & Kåre


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