Umba 2012 – One day extra fishing

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Program: Our bus will leave Murmansk airport Saturday morning 01.00AM. You will arrive at the Umba Lodge early Saturday morning – This way you will get a day free fishing

When you arrive to Murmansk airport, you will be greeted by our Salmon Junkies representative and guided to the bus.

The bus drive to Umba takes approx five hours (Approx 380 Km). In Kandalaksha there will be a short stop, where you can enjoy a small snack and drink. After Kandalaksha you have just 105 km ahead of you before reaching Umba – This last part of the drive goes into the deep Taiga and now it become obvious how far away you are from everything – there is a reason why Umba is called “the end of the world” – In general the drive to Umba is pretty comfortable as the road has been improved considerably lately. The drive provides a good and interesting picture of the region driving along the main road to St. Petersburg.


Friday / Day 1: Arrival at Murmansk airport evening. Bus drive to Umba starts 01.00 AM Saturday morning. Approx five hours bus drive to Umba.

Saturday / Day 2:  After some rest – fishing Umba / Krivetz river .

Sunday /  Day 3:  Salmon fishing – Umba / Krivetz river

Monday / Day 4: Salmon fishing – Umba / Krivetz river

Tuesday 7 Day 5: Salmon fishing – Umba / Krivetz river

Wedensday / Day 6: Salmon fishing – Umba / Krivetz river

Thursday / Day 7: Salmon fishing – Umba / Krivetz river

Friday / Day 8: Salmon fishing – Umba / Krivetz river

Saturday / Day 9:  Depart Umba Lodge 01.00 morning – Arrive Murmansk Approx 06.00

Leaving Umba: The Bus back to Murmansk will depart Umba Lodge Saturday morning 01.00 AM in order to catch the first flights back to Moscow or St. Petersburg.

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