My first Salmon – Umba river

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Hej Steffen,

This is my first Atlantic Salmon on a Fly! And what a beauty! 🙂

This funky 14 lbs. took my fly (Red Butt) at Upper Rats and my knees where shakin’ immediately, because half an hour before i lost one about 8 lbs. at Junction Pool. So this one had to be mine and it took me 15 extremely nervous and sweating minutes and some calming words of Thorsten (thanx, buddy!) to get it.

And than it was mine. What an experience. That was f****** awesome!

Several friends of mine warned me before: Do you REALLY want to do this? Nothing will be like before! Think about that!

Well, I did. And i have to say: They were right. I’m hooked. I’m a Junky now. I will come back again! 😉

Cheers, mate! And thanks a lot for the opportunity to fish at such a fantastic river like Umba!

Hope to see you soon!


Jan Blumentritt

Our mate Thorsten Strüeben with a 23Lbs Buck from Umba

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