Thanks for your terrific organization

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Hey Steffen and Kåre,

Thanks for your terrific organization. You guys from Salmon junkies have done an excellent job once again.

After a week back in Germany, I really start to understand which unique week I had in Umba 1- 8 October. All together I caught 7 salmon and three over 20 Ibs. ++ (20, 24, 26 Ibs- 95 cm, ) – simply unbelievable. I’m infected after my second year in UMBA. – now I think I am on my way being a true “Salmon Junkie”.

I had promised Kare to send some pictures for your use – here they are.

I would like to book for next year in Umba.

The week 38 and 39 would be my temporal favorites. Is anything still free?

Please let me know.

Many thanks,


Ps. All my Salmon took a Billy Butt size 6 – Check out the photo


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