Umba Fish Report – Last week of the season!

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Conditions were tough for the last week of the season in Umba. The water level rose with more than ½ meter and water temperature dropped to 4 degrees.

Some of the guides had not seen the river this high since July, when there wee some heavy summer rainfalls. Despite these conditions the group of 7 anglers fished on with full energy and high spirits and despite the tough conditions managed to get some beatiful whoppers with a very high average weight. Pierre Martini from France became a double member of the 20 lbs. Club with a 21 pounder from Junction Pool and a 20 pounder from Golden Pool. Thorsten Strüben from Germany caught a beautiful and hard fighting fresh salmon from one of the pockets below Golden Pool. Congratulations and welcome to the 20 lbs. Club! Jan Blumentritt, also from Germany, caught his first Atlantic salmon in Upper Rat Pool – and a nice silver one of 14 lbs. But the biggest applause and congratulations this week has to go to Marcy Stone from the USA. She not only caught her first Atlantic salmon this week – in Home Pool, where the handle on her reel fell of during the fight – but her second Atlantic salmon ever was a whopper from Golden Pool of 26 pounds! In the top 3 of biggest fish this year – and not many of us can claim that our second Atlantic salmon weighed 26 pounds!! She became a very well deserved member of the 20 lbs. Club and had to down an extra big vodka for that awesome fish!

Thank to everyone of my guests this year, you have been a wonderful bunch and I hope to see you out there again:)

Jan Delaporte, camp manager

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