Umba week 1/10 – 8/10 – 8 x +20Lbs Members

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Fishing highlight of the week.

  • Third Biggest salmon this season was caught by Tor Helenius last week. An outstanding 26Lbs fresh whopper from Doc Pool. The fish took a Green Cascade Size 8. It pulled around with Tor for more than 25 minutes before he manage to land the beast together with famous Guide Igor Krasnposky
  • Heinz Pape manages to land 3 +20Lbs Salmon during 3 days. A Chrome 20Lbs. Chrome 24Lbs and fantastic Chrome 26Lbs Salmon. All Heinz’s Salmon took the local “Killer” The famous Billy Butt size 6 tied by Tor Helenius. Heinz – You will probably never experience that again??? What a outstanding catch, and you deserve each of those salmon Heinz
  • First timer Francois Sudan manage to land his biggest Salmon ever in his career in Home pool. A deep and super fresh Umba Salmon scaled to 20Lbs. A BIG congratulation Francois.
  • Greg Mousley two biggest salmon during the week was recorded to a Chrome 20Lbs and a Chrome18Lbs. What a catch Greg – Thumb Up
  • Umba veteran Bernard Lunel manage to be get 2 x 20Lbs during his two weeks stay together with a 6 salmon between 14 – 19Lbs as the biggest. Known Bernard for 15 years, I know that Bernard always manage to squeeze the best out of the weeks – Well done Mr Fishing machine:-):-)
  • Peter V Petersen manages to land his Chrome twenty pounder just five minutes before he had to leave the Rat pool Friday afternoon. That is just unbelevlible cool Peter.

Biggest Salmon this week

7 Salmon Between 10 – 14Lbs

5 Salmon Between 15 – 19Lbs

8 Salmon Between 20 – 26Lbs

The river went up 4 inch – Water Temperature 7 – 9 C


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