Just received this letter from Terry Nab in Idaho fishing Umba 10/9 – 17/9

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Hey Steffen – This year has been an awesome year of salmon fishing for me. It started in July with a week on the Gaula River in Norway followed by 3 days in Iceland, and then topped off with the week on the Umba.  I had great fishing in Norway and Iceland, but my week on the Umba was like frosting on the cake. What a way to end my year! I have to tell you that my last day on the Umba was one of the best days of my salmon fishing career, which spans more than 37 years now. I have had lot of days were I have caught more salmon in one day, which were also memorable days, but to catch 5 salmon of 16, 16, 18, 19 and 20 pounds (a 17.8 pounds per fish average) has to stand out as the most memorable of all of previous best days by far.  In addition, the fresh run fall salmon in the Umba have to be the most beautiful and strong salmon that I have seen anywhere.  They are absolutely awesome fish….a true test for any angler! The Umba is as beautiful a river as I have seen anywhere.  That is not to say it is an easy river to fish.  The Krivetz section of the river requires a lot of walking to get to the beats, the wading is treacherous in many areas and the constantly changing current seams and dead spots require good casting and line control skills, but the rewards are certainly worth the pain and efforts.  I have already started to try to figure out how I can get back to the Umba for another try at the legendary Osenka salmon there, so I am sure that I will be back again in another year or two. I have attached a few photos of the fish and the river.  I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I have.

Best regards,

Terry Nab – Lewiston, Idaho USA

In total Terry caught 14 salmon during his week. Terry’s Ten Biggest Salmon was: 2 x 10 Lbs Salmon. 1 x 14 Lbs Salmon. 2 x 16 Lbs Salmon. 1 x 18 Lbs Salmon. 2 x 19 Lbs Salmon. 1 x 20 Lbs salmon. 1 x 21 Lbs Salmon

Once again a big congratulation with the catch Terry

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