Umba Midweek report 1 – 5 October

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Umba continue to produce Big Fresh Salmon in spite we are into October. Few Salmon Rivers on the Kola Peninsula, or in the world for that matter, have had such a spellbinding and deeply felt effect on Salmon anglers from all over the world. For many of them it has almost become a lifelong love affair and you may witness hardened and weather‐beaten anglers become all “mushy”, when they reflect and talk about Umba. Such is the character of this river and there are really very few places left in this world like it. A very unique experience awaits you at the incomparable Umba timber lodge – probably the most luxurious lodge on the entire Kola Peninsula. It is like a small palace in the wilderness – just the right place to discover the enchanting soul of the Umba River.

The fishing have during the first three days been great, with some Twenty pounders daily recorded in the logbook. Biggest salmon so far has been A incredible 26Lbs Whopper from Doc pool, caught by Swedish Tor Helenius. Tor’s buddy, Greg Mousley from UK. manage also to land a +20Lbs sea liced Osanka in Long pool. Beside Greg and Tor, we can congratulate Heinz Pape,Thomas Dûrkop from Germany, and Francois Sudan to Salmon Junkies Twenty Lbs club – Its a big pleasure to have you guys in the club. Umba Veteran and many times member in our Twenty Lbs club, Bernard Lunel have so far this week, manage to land some really beautiful Fresh salmon around 15- 19 Lbs – As you might noticed, Bernard became member again in our Twenty club with a awesome 21Lbs salmon last week – I think this must be Bernard’s fifth time he become member in our twenty Lbs club

Biggest fish the first three days this week: 5 salmon between 10 – 14Lbs. 4 salmon between 15 – 19Lbs and 5 salmon between 20 – 26Lbs – What an average size

Best flies have been Billy Butt, The Cascade, and Green Highlander in size 6 – 8  – Floating line with Poly sink tip or intermediate.

The weather is still warm with daily temperatures around 6 – 10C with some few frosty nights between. Water temp. 8 – 9 C – Life is perfect. We still have one week to go, so please stay tuned on


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