UMBA WEEK REPORT – 24 -30 September

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First of all a very big congratulation to Lawrie Hickman from Guideline UK with his double membership of the 20 lbs. Club. First a fantastic fish from Lower Rat; 26 pounds. Thereafter a giant weighing 24 pounds from the same pool :0). Also a very big welcome to the 20 lbs. Club to Peter Newbald, who got his Umba whopper from Brad’s Pool…. ‘my biggest ever’!. And forza Italia for Falvio Fusaro and Carlo Sala both from Italy (of course) , who landed magnificent fish of 22 and 21 lbs. in Doctor’s Pool fresh from the sea :o) We thank you for your great effort and not least the sausage and cheese you brought along – much appreciated! Big salmon to mention this week; 10-14 lbs.: 10; 15-19 lbs.: 11; 20-26 lbs.: 5. Incredible average size! Flies: Cascade and Willie Gun and Green Highlander dominating. Floating lines with sinktip or intermediate tip. Weather overcast and water temperature 9 degrees celcius. Perfect! New group has just checked in with fine fish… More to come from junky world :o)


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