Umba midweek report

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Autumn has arrived in Umba. The first frosty nights have curbed the black flies and mosquitoes seriously. Creatures that have stayed very loyal to us since June :0) This week Umba has been fished by Germans led by Hartmut Kloss. Again a series of very nice and fresh autumn salmon have been landed. So far we have welcomed five new members of the Salmon Junkies 20 lbs. Club. Congratulations to Davis Jap, Andreas Bender, Hartmut Kloss and Karl Buehler. Karl has not only landed a 20 pounder, but actually two fresh 20 pound salmon. Very well done by all, especially by Karl. Today I witnessed a tremendous fight with a salmon. In one of the small pockets downstream of Golden Pool, Christoph Meyer hooked a gigantic salmon. This place really is a tough place to play a fish of that size and after a series of hard and very long runs, which had Christoph Olsson’s reels scream in the high C, the leader broke. We saw the fish, and I would estimate it at between 30 to 40 pounds – fresh silver. The salmon took a Billy Butt size 6 on a floating line. Water temperature 10 degrees celsius, air temperature the same. Biggest salmon so far; 9 salmon 10-14 lbs. 4 salmon 15-19 lbs. 5 salmon 20-24 lbs. More to come!

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