The Death Star Meets Rio

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Terry Nab from Idaho visited Umba 10/9-17/09 and what a fantastic week for Terry which deserves a few lines. Terry Nab who has the famous Steelhead River “Clearwater” running in his backyard came to Umba and truly felt the power and beauty of our magnificent river.  14 Silver Chromes with a total weight of 190 Lbs and some Whoppers among them: 2 x 10 Lbs, 1 x 14 Lbs, 2×16 Lbs, 1×18 Lbs, 2 x 19 Lbs, 1 x 20 Lbs and 1 x 21 Lbs, straight from the sea and all in super condition:) The last day Terry managed to catch 5 SILVER CHROMES  a total weight of 89 Lbs! Besides skills and a bit of luck Salmon fishing sometimes require, Terry explained that part of his success was his choice of equipment. All week Terry fished with his new TCX 12.6 #7 with the nickname “Death Star”. A rod that quickly become known as the Death Star due to its ability to calmly deliver blasts to the far side of the galaxy. His choice of reel a “Saracione” seize 3 3/4. His choice of line, Rio Skagit with an intermediate polyleader –  a true junky choice, we might add:). Pretty much all fish was caught on Cascade, Red Butt, Billy Butt and The Undertaker! The Umba Autumn Salmon is truly unique and designed to survive up to 18 months in The River without any food and stay throughout the tough Kola winter. So it is a lot of energy that is released when you hook a Umba Steel Engine. No where else in the world can you experience an adventure and Autumn run like this in besides Ponoi on the Kola Peninsula.

Salmon Junkies thanks Terry for his visit to Umba and we look forward to see Terry again in 2012.

More 2 come:)

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