Umba midweek report

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Terry Nab from US had a fantastic start Saturday – pretty much after his arrival – with a beautiful Umba Whopper of 19 lbs in Office Pool, caught on the Undertaker Fly, seize 6. Monday morning, Umba veteran Iltyd Griffith made his  20 lbs entry with a nice fish in Pine  Pool caught on a classic, Red Butt, seize 6, floating line.  Iltyd Griffith kept on his venture in Rat Channel – top left side – and caught a Umba Monster which took him down about 350 meters in the rough rapids, the salmon decided however to release Iltyd and took off with this battle won. Iltyd went back to the very same spot and in the first cast, caught a nice 14 lbs. Big fish has been lost and quite a few caught. To mention a few 10 x 10-14 lbs, 3 x 15-19 lbs and 1 20 lbs. Autumn as we really know it has finally arrived, it has been raining all day today after too many weeks of drought. Fortunately we have still some ok water supplies from the back country but we welcome all and any rain. Water temp 12-13c and will be interesting to see the next coming days…

Sms from Steffen just came in, Terry Nab and Simon Frobisher just came in the lodge and reported a 21 lbs and a 20 lbs, well done:)

More to come..

Kåre Lundquist

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